This site has grown from a space to host materials for a single event held on 26th April 2016, hosted by Newcastle University on behalf of BERA and BELMAS, to a more sustained space for the research of educational leadership to be discussed, linked to accounts of different methodological approaches used to examine issues arising from and around educational leadership. This takes on the work of previous Educational Leadership SIG convenors into 2016 and beyond. The first event was held in memory of Dr Anne Halsall, the previous BERA Leadership and Management SIG convenor and member of Faculty at the University of Aberdeen. An obituary of Anne, summarising her life’s work, can be accessed here.

We aim to include as many voices as possible, bridging between professional and academic, to explore how educational leadership research can inform educational leaders. To this end for event in April 2016 we invited testimony from leaders on topics worthy of research, as well as shared presentations of current research. Debate was stimulated as critical conversations from these activities in both this event and the follow-up event at BERA annual conference in Leeds in September 2016 through keynotes and panels. A visual summary of our activity can be found here and, as a post BERA conference 2016 reflection here which documents our next steps.

Please note that this is not an official BERA-endorsed website and therefore the views expressed on this site are the views of the individuals who have contributed and do not express the official views of BERA. 


We are now about to host our third event hosted at the Open University on 28 March 2018 to reflect on the output from the earlier events, a special issue of the BELMAS journal Management in Education. For more information refer to the outputs page of this site.

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