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Presentations about methods for researching critical issues

The brief for presentations were summaries of research designs which explain how a set of research questions were translated into a particular research design. Presentations aimed for approximately 15 minutes, with narrated versions offered by those not able to present in person.

Presentations were offered as follows in workshops from 11.00-12.30pm:

Workshop 1 – Mixed Method designs (Chair: Alison Fox)

  1. Studying the role of HEI partners in ‘leading’ school-University partnerships – mixed methods – Val Poultney (slides are available here)
  2. Evaluating the role of students as assessors of school quality in Maltese schools – mixed methods (survey, focus groups and individual interviews) – Angele Pulis (pre-recorded and available here)
  3. Critical reflections on the successes and failures of non-mandatory education policy- mixed methods from a critical realist perspective – Deb Outhwaite (slides are available here)

Workshop 2 – Qualitative Designs (Chair: Liz Todd)

  1. Leadership, identify and agency – methods to explore dialogical selves  – Anna Reid (slides are available here)
  2. Investigating the transition from teaching to school administration by Trinidadian deputy headteachers – life history interviews – Sharda Maharaj-Ramjattan (pre-recorded and available here)
  3. A study of teachers’ professional knowledge and pedagogical practices in planning computing lessons – video stimulated-recall interviews and interaction analysis -Elizabeth Hidson (slides are available here)
  4. A methodology to explore personality and impact on leadership and management practices – methods to reveal ego development – Neil Gilbride
  5. Researching the leadership stories of women deputy headteachers – interpretative phenomenological analysis – Laura Guihen (pre-recorded and available here)
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