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Calling early career researchers attending BERA annual conference!

We invite you to:

Critical conversations about how to research educational leadership: A workshop for early career researchers

Parallel Session 8 | Thursday 15th September 2016 | 10.05-11.35

This is to let you know about an innovative session in the BERA 2016 annual conference programme which focuses on supporting early career researchers. This session will suit anyone who can see a leadership strand to their studies. It is the result of collaboration between the Educational Leadership and Research Methods SIGs in BERA, together with BELMAS. The workshop builds on an event held at Newcastle University in April 2016 to allow further discussion about methodological creativity and challenges, as well as planning for submissions to a special issue of the BELMAS journal Management in Education in 2017. We already have the panel membership for the September session in place, of early career researchers who attended the initial event, who will pick up and lead further discussion of the themes identified. This discussion will be followed by a writing for publication workshop led by one of the members of the editorial board of the BELMAS journal, Dr Gerry Czerniawski.

This session creates a space for a narrative to be collectively built through a combination of brief presentations and reflective panel discussion, followed by a workshop. It will be conversational, hence the title, and seeks to include a wide range of voices. You, as audience, will be active participants in helping build a collective account of research in this field, identify trajectories of future work and work towards joint publication.

We hope to see you there…Alison Fox, Anna Reid, Victoria Showunmi and Gerry Czerniawski

Follow us, the BERA Educational Leadership SIG at: #edleadres

Please circulate this through your networks to any early career researchers you know are, or are thinking about, attending BERA Leeds 2016.

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