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Questions to guide our critical conversation

Overarching agenda

a) Scope current contemporary educational leadership issues
b) Map the range of methods being used to address these (including novel methods to try)
c) Identify possible research agendas to follow

Post-morning questions

1. Which conceptual challenges arise from the presentations?
2. Which conceptual resources/traditions are/could we draw on to deal with these?
3. Does this see educational leadership research boundary crossing into new territories/fields?
4. Which methodological challenges arise from the presentations?
5. Can we, and is it helpful to, categorise these challenges?
6. In what ways do educational leadership research studies need to speak to one another to offer complementary research designs?

Panel questions

‘How can we know which research topics/questions are worthwhile within educational leadership?’ Led by Miriam David.

‘How can we ensure that we are approaching educational leadership research topics/questions appropriately?’ Led by Victoria Showunmi

‘How can we reveal and promote educational leadership research topics/questions within broader educational research?’ Led by Liz Todd

‘How can we consider impact of educational leadership research?’ Led by Sue Robson

‘How can we go about studying educational leadership research topics/questions ethically?’ Led by Alison Fox

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