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Yammer and the #womened network

I just wanted to advertise the activity of a growing community within the relatively new social media platform Yammer amongst women in education/educational leaders and those who support them. In particular this post advertises more widely their recent news about securing a column in the TES (please see below). The message is “join up to Yammer and #womened and consider contributing”. This is a vibrant group discussing and supporting one another to deal with contemporary issues for women in education and educational leadership. A series of 1st birthday party events are currently being organised, suggesting members invite those committed to the He4She campaign.

OMG! I am so excited.
The TES have agreed to a weekly #womened column.
Starting next weekend we will submit 1,000 words each week.
I was already doing a piece to coincide with our 1st birthday  – this will be published on 29/4 and will introduce the Founders and Steering group.
We then need volunteers for submissions from the 1/5.
For all of those you who are keen to write a piece please can you please send me a theme/ title ASAP  and I will pull together a schedule.
We will need to commit to meeting these deadlines to ensure that we grow our profile – the piece will be due each Saturday so we can QA before the Steering Group submit a weekly piece from the community to TES.
This is a fabulous opportunity!

Hannah Wilson

on the WomenEd Yammer network, April 14 at 7:12am


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